Bearings, Beauty and Irrelevance at SIGNAL, Melbourne

Across four weekends in November, Performprint hosted an experimental printmaking studio at SIGNAL. This video was rear-projected across the four large window screens of the building, the performance itself became a ritual for new and old collaborators to make work together, in the spirit of traditional printmaking.

Bearings, Beauty and Irrelevance for 2014 Fremantle Print Awards

2014 marked Performprint as a finalist in the Fremantle Print Awards for our performance-based entry Bearings, Beauty and Irrelevance, which is the first time in the Printmaking Award history that a performance was entered. Over seven hundred guests attended the opening night to see the launch of the exhibition and our proxy skater print some ink.

This video features skater Richard Flude and was the entry for the prize


Performprint at Arts House Meat Market, March 2014

This is Performprint’s 2014 Melbourne incarnation for the Festival of Live Art for Arts House. The event was held on the last day of the festival at the historic North Melbourne Meat Market. This suped-up realisation of the ten-hour performance brought together local bands Coffin Wolf and MYband, and performers from Skateboarding Australia and United Harley-Davidsons Motorcycle Club.

Special thanks to the wonderful team at Arts House for all their support to develop the performance here in Melbourne, our families and friends who endured, our partners City of Yarra Youth Services, Skateboarding Australia and Richard Flude, Schots, Balin, Globe, our wonderful volunteers Toni and Stef, photographer Renee Stamasis and Melissa Edwards who shot and put together the following video.


Stations of the BBQ

In the lead up to the Festival of Live Art’s version of Performprint, a guerrilla performance was carried out through Bourke Street.

Photomechanical Reproductions



Performprint at Fremantle Arts Centre, September 2012 

This 7 minute video presents an overview of the 10 hour event performed at Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC) on September 22, 2012. This documentation chronicles the ritual aspects of the live event with its finale leading to Joel Gailer’s live branding to the cacophony of Harley-Davidsons riding off into the sunset.
PERFORMPRINT was developed through the FAC’s Artist in Residence program and 2012 FAC Print Awards.
Special thanks to WA contributors Masonik (, Beer Fridge ( and HOG West (

For those who want to skip the whole first day and get straight to the final act, here is the Fremantle live branding.




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