By the incorporation of different fields of interest (print and performance) we want the audience to experience the relevance of print as a performative vehicle.  This is printmaking expressed through durational performance and risk taking to create a mashup of ideas  about live art, printmaking, the male ego , endurance and stereotypes.

We are a collective of independent visual artists.  We have worked alongside each other as independent artists on past projects and these proved to be very fruitful. It was from shared histories that we decided to work collaboratively and develop a live art practice. Performprint is our most significant collaborative project as it encompasses the full spectrum of print and performance practices respectively. Performprint blends theories on copy based technologies through print informed works and ideas of future human scenarios into live durational performance work.

This is bravado, masculinity, feminism, reproduction and politics expressed through durational performance.

The primary members are Joel Gailer, Jenny Hall and Michael Meneghetti.

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